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Bing.com: How Does It Compare

June 11th, 2009


A big Internet Marketing news item the past few weeks has been the launch of Bing.com (officially launched June 3), Microsoft’s revision and re-branding of its search engine. According to Microsoft, “Bing.com is a decision engine that offers consumers a way to make informed choices fast,” and has even been touted by some proponents as a “Google Killer.” Bing is supposed to simplify search and save time by not just providing search results, but “help[ing] you make decisions.” Microsoft is following up Bing’s launch with “a broad reaching awareness campaign” with the hope of regaining some of its declining market share.

Let me start off by saying that Microsoft has done a good job reinventing the way it dose search and I am happy to see that they are still in the search game. With that said, I can’t say that Bing will be able hold up to the hype.

The biggest difference between Google and Bing is that Bing categorizes its search results. For example, a search for “table lamp” brings up the following categories: brands, types, styles, shades, fixtures, shopping, and images, whereas a search for “Home Depot” beings up: news, jobs, coupons, catalog, and local. Another neat feature is that if you mouse over to the right of the search results a small window with a text preview of the page appears, which can save time by not having to open the page to see if it really contains what you are looking for. Items missing from Bing that you can find on Google’s results include the “promote result” and “remove from search” options that Google allows when a user is signed in to their Google account for a more customized search experience. Other than that many of the other features are similar. For example both search engines provide related searches, suggested searches, and maps for locations.

But the thing that matters most, no matter what search engine you are using, is the quality of the search results, and that is where I felt Bing still fell short. Basic searches or searches for brand names tend to bring similar results; however, Google has higher quality results for more detailed searches. A great tool to do side by side comparisons of the search results for Google and Bing can be found at http://www.blackdog.ie/google-bing/search-com.php

In the end while Bing is a great improvement over Live Search, it is not a “Google Killer,” actually it is far from it. The greatest thing that Bing does accomplish is that it shows Google that others search providers can, and are, catching up. In the end this renewed competition will only lead to better quality search products.

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