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Is The iPhone Touch a Superior Gaming Device or Just a Different One?

September 13th, 2009


Besides announcing the latest versions of it’s iPod line at Apple’s San Francisco event on Wednesday, Phillip Shiller, Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing said that “the iPod Touch is a better gaming platform than the PSP or Nintendo DS” according to Cnet’s live blog.

Shiller said that the titles of the competing systems were “too expensive” and “not a lot of fun.” He also said that there are 21,178 “game and entertainment” titles for the iPhone OS with 3,600 and 600 titles on the Nintendo and Sony systems respectively. Shiller wasn’t the only one to tout the system as a gaming platform. Apple CEO Steve Jobs also indicated to the New York Times that he views the iPod Touch as a game machine first and foremost.

While I think few would argue that the iPhone platform has become a major player in the gaming space, Apple faces a tremendous uphill battle convincing the traditional (hardcore) gamer that the system is anything more than a device that plays casual games among it’s more predominant uses, such as being a phone or music player. But Apple is not alone with this problem, Sony has faced this consumer perception issue from the other end as it has tried to position it’s devices as total entertainment systems (music/movie players).

Another hurdle Apple will have to cross if it is to take on these industry icons, is developing the gaming experience on their system for non-casual games. Part of what has made games so popular on the system is how Apple has made casual gaming so accessible to consumers using it’s simple, intuitive interface. It would be interesting to see how game developers would apply the Apple control scheme to a popular core gaming title like Halo or GTA.

With major game developers launching dedicated iPhone/iPod divisions the company will undoubtedly continue to become a larger player within the industry; however, the systems inherent casual gaming focus will continue to keep the system in a different, albeit important gaming category.

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